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4 Things to Know Before Becoming a Paparazzi Consultant

Do you have this swirling idea in your head of becoming a Paparazzi consultant?  

  1. First of all, it is important to understand what Paparazzi IS and what it is NOT.  It IS an amazing company but it isn’t for everyone and knowing what you’re getting into will only increase your success.  Paparazzi is primarily a party plan company and is based on inventory (jewelry/accessories).  This means you buy jewelry (at a discount/wholesale price) from Paparazzi and then you turn around and sell that jewelry to your customers for a profit.  The inventory changes constantly so there are no catalogs to carry around.  Once you have the inventory you can sell it however YOU want!  There are many avenues for selling the jewelry and with a little experimentation you will find your niche.  You can do parties, sell online from your FREE website, or even sell on a random basis just by keeping a small bag of jewelry with you.  The compensation plan is generous and there are many ways to achieve ranks and recognition in the company!  The business plan is designed to encourage cooperation, teamwork and empowerment between consultants rather than cutthroat competition. This is one of my favorite aspects of Paparazzi!  It IS a business!  It is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme.  You will have to for your money and achievements and you will get out of it what you put into it.
  2. How do I make money with Paparazzi?  As mentioned in #1 you will purchase the inventory at a discount directly from Paparazzi.  You then turn around and sell it for $5 (plus tax).  This means you will make 45% commission ($2.25 per piece)!  Selling is only one way of creating your income.  If you choose to build your own team you can earn additional commission (up to 10%).
  3. What other “requirements” are there to be a Paparazzi consultant?  The only real requirement to maintain your consultant status is to buy 100 pieces a year.  This is easy to do!  If you want to show up on the consultant finder (you do!) and earn commission from team building then you will need to order 25 pieces in a month.  I sell 40 pieces at an average party so 25 pieces a month is very doable!  Paparazzi even has a program called the Fashion Fix to make this 25 pieces a month even easier!  That’s it!  Pretty easy, right?
  4. How do I get started?  If this all sounds amazing and you’re ready to get started then you have just one choice left to make… which starter kit will be best for you?  There are 3 starter kits available.  The small kit contains 35 pieces of inventory and is perfect for someone who is on a budget and/or is wanting to do Paparazzi as a hobby or side income.  It is $99 (plus tax).  The medium kit contains 120 pieces of inventory and is the perfect size for your first party.  It will contain a few business supplies as well and is just $299 (plus tax).  This kit is great for someone who is ready to party Paparazzi style! There are enough choices for your customers to leave happy but you will need to order again soon.  The large party kit is by far the biggest bang for your buck!  It contains an awesome 200 pieces of jewelry as well as a few jewelry displays and business supplies.  It also contains a FREE ticket to convention!!!  This kit is perfect for someone who is ready to rock this business and go all in.  It is $499 (plus tax).  Shipping is FREE on all the starter kits!  Your website will also be activated as soon as you sign up!

This is a basic synopsis of how Paparazzi works.  If you have other questions you would like answered please contact me. I’d be happy to help you!   If you’re ready to jump right in you can do so here.