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How to Afford Your Kit Purchase!

Statistics and my own personal experience have shown that you sign up with the $299 or $499 kit starter kits you will have greater success when you are first starting your own personal business.  You will already have a sizable inventory for your customers to choose from.   If you can't afford any of the kit options I have some ideas for YOU!


Garage Sales!  We all have things around our home we no longer want, need or use.   Liquidate it on eBay, Craigslist, Facebook garage sale groups are some awesome ideas for liquidating unused things you have!   Turn things that are doing you no good into a money making machine!


Credit Card!  When they are used wisely, they are a great asset to you!  When you get the kit, do a launch party as soon as you can!   Make sure you hold back your kit cost and pay that credit card bill as soon as it comes in.  If you start partying right away you will have plenty of time before the bill comes due.  Women LOVE Paparazzi Bling!   


Sacrifice!  Lastly if you can give up a few things that aren't necessary to get through life for one or two months, save that money back and invest in YOURSELF!


If you use the credit card option, pay that bill first!!!  Then reinvest every bit of money you have made off your kit back into stock.  If you don't have inventory people won't be able to buy from you.   I personally have found that carrying a larger inventory gives people choices!!!   You don't go to a car lot that only has 5 cars to choose from; you're going to go to the one that has 100 to 300 cars to pick from.  The same goes for jewelry.  The longer you sell, the more you will find your customer's and your groove!  


If you have ANY questions you can always use the messenger button here on the website.  It's linked right in with my Facebook, and I can answer you almost all the time, other than when I'm sleeping.   I'd love to answer your questions or help you in any way!