Kelly's Treasure Trove - Featuring Paparazzi Accessories


A little about myself....

I joined Paparazzi in August of 2017.  I had thought about joining for a couple years, but never looked into in deeper detail.   I didn't know anyone to really ask questions.  I'm a questions kind of girl.   I've been in Direct Sales a number of years, but most are extremely difficult to build a team as many companies have a tough hierarchy of ranks.   Paparazzi is extremely easy to get into, make good money, no website fees, a product price point that can NOT be beat, and build a successful team.


At $5 anyone can afford a beautiful piece of jewelry for themselves or someone they care about.   We earn $2.25 on each piece.   Doesn't seem like much does it?  I've found no one purchases just one piece.  $2.25 repeatedly adds up quickly!!

Are you a Stay At Home Mom that would love to have extra income for those special things?   Are you a Baby Boomer who's looking for something fun to do?  Do you have a debt you'd like to make disappear?   Are you disabled and working outside the home is tough?   

I still work a full time job, but I make approximately $800 to $1000 a month from selling Paparazzi.  Much of it is done online!!!  Eventually when some life events are remedied, Paparazzi will become my full time job.  I'm super excited and stoked for that day!!! I love this business!  

I honestly without a doubt have an absolute blast selling my jewelry.  It's something that gives me pure joy watching people's face light up when they purchase new bling.